Watercolor Santa Claus

Sometimes other people know better than you do what makes a pleasing picture.

I was painting Christmas cards and decided to watercolor some pictures of Santa Claus for some of the cards.

I painted the Santa Claus, above, as I was painting the cards and posted it on Facebook.  I thought it was ok and almost regretted posting it – but then it received one of the highest number of “likes” on this for anything that I ever posted.

I thought I could do better so I painted this Santa #2 and posted it.

Santa #2 didn’t get nearly as many likes.  I have to admit that even though the execution on the watercolor was better, the face is not as kind and happy (nor as round) as people expect of a Santa.

This lead me to try one more time.  This is Santa #3


Personally, this one is my favorite.  I think I got a more 3 dimensional look with the painting and I think his countenance and the fullness of his face is just right for Santa.

Still, Santa #1 was the big hit.  So it just goes to show that you never know what people will appreciate most – often, you get it completely wrong yourself if you try to outguess the crowd.

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