When I working on my Art Minor at the University of Montana decades ago, I had to take a drawing class. I was really excited to take the class as I longed to be better at drawing and thought I’d get a lot of good tips and tricks from whoever taught the class.

However, the guy who taught the class turned out to be a lazy so and so. In our first class he announced that we would not be meeting for classes. He told us that the only way to get better at drawing was to draw. So he suggested that we draw every day and that our grade would be determined by the sketchbooks we turned in at the end of the quarter.

There were two problems with this. The first is that it was a bunch of baloney that he had nothing to teach us. Of course, if he wasn’t a lazy jerk, he could have had class every week and helped accelerate our learning. There should have been in class projects, demonstrations, and feedback to help us as we drew in class.

The second problem with the approach was that there was no way I was self-disciplined enough remember to draw for and hour every day. So I turned in a half empty sketch book at the end of the quarter and earned a C in drawing – a grade that was the lowest I’d ever gotten in my life.

I think I carried that failure with me all the years since. Perhaps the last two years of drawing are my atonement. I wonder what grade I’d have gotten if I turned in all these drawings (and the hundreds more I’ve done) to that same professor now?

p.s. these are in order from oldest to newest…