Anthony Bourdain Sketch

It was such a sad thing to hear about the loss of Anthony Bourdain this past weekend.   I loved watching his shows that showed great food from around the world combined with all the interesting sites he saw along the way.

He had a lot of attributes that made him worth watching  – he was insightful, fun loving, and genuinely interested in learning about other people and other cultures.  But I think the the thing that I’ll miss the most will be his honestly. He was unflinchingly honest about himself, his past mistakes, and the world as he saw it.  I felt he pulled the world closer together at a time when so many others expend inordinate amounts of energy trying to pull it apart.  At the end of the day, he showed us we all love a good meal shared with friends.

It took a lot of courage to be so open  and honest and uncompromising in telling the truth and the world lost one of the great story tellers with his passing.

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